Hi Horns Music
"You really have to play one!"

Intermediate / Pro Selection Process

Note: This is a 1 to 2 hour trumpet audition. The customer must arrive at the Hi Horns Music studio with the
trumpet and mouthpiece they are currently using. The customer must be “well practiced” to audition.

Determine if the customer actually needs a new or different trumpet (Much of this can be determined before the appointment.)

  • Determine the playability/condition of the current trumpet (maintenance?)
  • Determine if there are practicing issues.
  • Check for mouthpiece fit.
  • Check for playing technique issues.
  • Should the customer spend money on lessons and practice rather than investing in a new/different trumpet?
  1. Proceed if it is agreed based upon the above that there is a clear need for a different (better) instrument
  2. Discuss any price limitations that might effect the selection of trumpets for audition.
  3. Set all the trumpets aside, in the Hi Horns Listening Studio, that are eligible for the audition process.
  4. Guide the customer through the Hi Horns Music warm-up routine. (The customer must use their current mouthpiece.)
  5. Allow the customer to freely play all the trumpets available to audition, or, guide the customer through the Hi Horns Music audition routine. Encourage the customer to compare their current trumpet to any of those they are auditioning. Advise the customer to take their time and organize the trumpets by preference using any criteria they wish but they should focus mostly on the blow of the horn.
  6. Determine what the customer liked or disliked about each instrument if possible.
  7. Clayton Frounfelker plays through select parts of his audition routine on each trumpet and asks the customer to pick the one(s) that sound “the best “ to him/her. Find out the trumpet sound the customer prefers.
  8. Make a final selection from the customer’s playing preferences and listening preferences. (This can take a long time!) Other criteria from the various packages should play a part in deciding but the primary considerations should be blow and sound preferences.
  9. If a final selection is achieved arrange for a complimentary one week, no obligation to buy, home audition of the trumpet if this is necessary and appeals to the customer.