Hi Horns Music
"You really have to play one!"

Licensed Retail Music Dealer (est. 2003)

Serving the following communities in southeastern Wisconsin: Kewaskum, Farmington, West Bend, Hartford, Slinger, Jackson, Random Lake, Fredonia, Saukville, Germantown, and Allenton.

Home based Store and Teaching Studio

Clayton Frounfelker, sole proprietor & instructor

B.F.A. music education (trumpet major), education certification grades 1 - 8, M.A. education

17 years as teacher of instrumental music

16 years as teacher of junior high science

Over 50 years of professional trumpet performance

Over 15 years in Retail Music Sales specializing in Trumpets & Related Merchandise

Personalized Sales of Trumpets & Related Merchandise

Specializing in “entry level” (beginning) and “intermediate/pro level” (step up +) instruments & merchandise

Individualized Private Instruction

All Brass Instruments

All Levels

General Information: Trumpets and Related Merchandise

All trumpets in stock at Hi Horns Music are instructor approved and come with a 1, 2, or 5-year documented factory warranty.

Replacement parts for all trumpets sold at Hi Horns Music are available to our customers at Hi Horns Music. Minor repairs of trumpets at Hi Horns Music are available to the general public.

Clayton Frounfelker continuously researches the trumpet market to insure that all merchandise in stock at Hi Horns is the best value for his customers.

Each trumpet with its included merchandise offered for sale at Hi Horns Music has been personally researched, inspected and extensivly auditioned by Clayton Frounfelker to insure that it meets the highest standard of performance for which it is being sold.

There are a large selection of choices offered at Hi Horns Music in trumpets and related merchandise at both the “entry” and “intermediate/pro” performance levels. A top priority at Hi Horns Music is to accurately match the instrument and related equipment to each player.

“Intermediate/pro” (step up +) level trumpets with included merchandise are models especially selected by Hi Horns Music that far exceed the level of performance usually associated with the “step-up” category of products. These are special trumpets with included merchandise that will meet the demands of any level/style of high school performance as well as that of the adult amateur performer.

email: hihornsmusic@gmail.com Phone: 262-626-1795