"You really have to play one!"

Trumpet Instruction Studio

Committed to the Highest Level of Professional Instruction on Trumpet

Focusing on the Needs of Beginning Through Advanced Students Grades 4-12

Owner/Instructor: Mr. Clayton Frounfelker

Location: Kewaskum

Contact Information: Telephone: 262-626-1795 (call any time)

email: hihornsmusic@gmail.com

website: www.hihornsmusic.com (instrument sales)

Mr. Frounfelker’s qualifications:

BS – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

BFA in instrumental music (trumpet major) – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Master of Arts in teaching - Aurora University

Wisconsin State Teacher Certification in Instrumental Music, grades 1-12

Over forty years of professional performance experience on trumpet in all styles of music

 Over thirty years of experience as a classroom teacher and music educator grades 1-12

Private, single student instruction in:

  • Playing position, embouchure, sound and tone production

  • Articulation

  • Flexibility

  • Breath support

  • Range and endurance

  • Technique

  • Band and orchestra performance styles

  • Jazz and Rock performance styles

  • Jazz improvisation

  • WMEC solo-ensemble competition music

Providing in stock for the student:

  • Recommended methods and studies

  • Instruments

  • Music stands and instrument stands

  • Valve, slide, rotor lubricants

  • Most brass instrument accessories: cases, mutes, mouthpieces etc.

Teaching studio:

  • 240 square feet comfortably furnished for students and observers

  • acoustically perfect

  • includes high end stereo listening system

  • includes DVD surround sound viewing system


  • $12.00 per half hour of private instruction grades 4-12

  • $24.00 per hour of private instruction grades 4-12

  • Private lessons are by individual arrangement and are fully flexible as to time and frequency.

  • No pre payment fees required, no cancellation penalty

  • Payment after each lesson by cash or check

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