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Subject: Thanks!

I can't say enough good things about my new trumpet! I love the flexibility, and it maintains intonation throughout the entire register. The craftsmanship is superb; the lacquer is flawless. It has a rich sound for its light weight. I look forward to every practice session and performance. I purchased the horn primarily for jazz, but it more than fills the bill for classical work as well....The service I have received from Hi Horns has been excellent, from the auditioning of the various models, through advising me on when I could expect my trumpet. Next time I need a horn, I'll contact you first!

C.W. - Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

To: hihornsmusic@gmail.com
Subject: Hi Horns Testimonial

Hi Clayton, I have been in business for myself since I was 12 years old and have always made money because I do whatever it takes to make my customers happy. That's how I got where I am today. You have done everything right and I am happy with your integrity and service and I thank you for that. There is nothing in life that pleases me more than a business person who is honest and trustworthy and you fit the bill.

R.M - Juneau, AK

To: hihornsmusic@gmail.com
Subject: Hi Horns Testimonial

I haven't come across a company that can compete with the policies that you implement. Your services when I needed them were prompt, reliable, and returned quick resolutions. Thank you for all of your help with my horn.

C.M. - Alderson-Broaddus College, Philippi, West Virginia

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